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I once thought that my days of big bowls of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons were over, but it looks like the movie gods just gave me a resurgence. It is rumoured that Nickelodeon is set to bring our favourite Nicktoons to life and is officially moving forward with its plan to give us ’90s kids some special nostalgia.

According to Deadline: “Viacom just cooked up a pretty clever original feature that uses the signature characters of Nickelodeon to create an original narrative that sounds like Paramount’s answer to Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon have set Jared Hess to direct NickToons, a feature that he’ll write with Jarusha Hess, his wife and writing partner on films including Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre. Producing will be Disruption Entertainment’s Mary Parent and Cale Boyter… Parent, who in quick succession produced The Revenant, The SpongeBob Movie, Godzilla, Noah, Pacific Rim, the just-wrapped Monster Trucks and the currently shooting Kong: Skull Island.”

The report also confirms that we should, at least, expect characters from Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, Rocko’s Modern Life, Aaahh! Real Monsters, and The Angry Beavers to be involved. We’re not sure if the movie will actually be about these characters teaming up to fight some evil-doer, or if they’ll just be hanging out in the backyard. Actually, we’re not really sure of pretty much anything. At the moment, Nickelodeon hasn’t officially announced anything about the project. Let’s all just pray that this isn’t some big hoax and that hopefully, the list of cartoon characters gets longer. Come on, what ’90s kid wouldn’t want to see appearances by the crews from Doug and Hey Arnold on the big screen?

  • Words: Livelle Mobley

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