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It feels like as soon as a new television series has caught your attention, it’s gone in the blink of an eye (probably because you binged on the entire season after you discovered it). It’s weird to think that in 2016 everyone’s always hanging out for the next new TV series to occupy their time with but here we are. And after the success of similarly themed shows (thank you, Broad City) MTV is making their way into stoner sitcom land.

Mary + Jane is set to release on September 5 and is pretty much about what you would expect. The two characters, Paige and Jordan, are entrepreneurs whose dope delivery app has taken off and is proving to be quite successful. In this case, dope meaning actual marijuana and not just a ‘cool’ delivery app. Although if we could get to a point in Australian society where a dope delivery app was allowed, that’d be be pretty, well, dope. The series follows the girls on their journey, ‘desperate to succeed, find romance and keep their clients happy and high’. Sounds like it’d be worth a watch.

But if you’re still not sold on the premise, check out the trailer above, with music by none other than the supreme smoking machine himself Snoop Dogg, and tune into MTV this September to get your hit.

Weekly updates