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Last Tuesday, anti-piracy firm Entura International filed a DMCA complaint with Vimeo, flagging ten videos as infringing of copyright. Not because these videos actually contained copyrighted material, but because each video incorporated the word ‘pixels’ in the title. Apparently, people can’t differentiate between indie film projects and the latest Adam Sandler film.

Probably the most irritating aspect of this takedown is the fact that most of these posts on Vimeo pre-date Sandler’s Pixels, some of them even by a couple of years. It seems that most of the videos flagged for takedown have since been reinstated, and rightly so.

Pixels has been blasted by critics for not only trying to backhandedly generate public interest by being a film about classic (see: retro) video game characters that have come to destroy mankind, but for also being another shitty, offensive, sloppy Adam Sandler production.

Hilariously, the takedown also lists the official trailer for the film as infringing of copyright, as well as the award-winning short by the same name that was the original concept for Sandler’s feature. It’s probably safe to assume that whoever was writing up that DMCA complaint at Entura hadn’t actually seen Pixels.

In honour of that employee, watch the original (now reinstated) short in the gallery above.

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