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Weekly updates

I’ve just spent twenty minutes on this damn thing clicking away trying to cook imaginary meth while trying not to get caught by the imaginary DEA and IRS. I tell you something, for a guy like me who wants the thrills of dealing drugs without the burden of prison time, this thing scratches a big itch.

I just got a van to cook my meth in!

Seriously though get your porkpies on, click that thing until your fingertips are numb baby and cook that digi-meth.

Ten minutes from now you are going to think, what the hell am I even doing? My family hates me, I’m aggressive and my assistant is an annoying little shit. That’s if you aren’t already thinking that, which you probably are if you work in finance or something.

A week from now, you’ll be saving up to buy the multi-trillion-dollar Meth Star.

Play Clicking Bad now.


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