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Postcards: Liam Riley in Thailand and Laos

Go where nobody else would dare to

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Sure, you’ve probably been to a few watering holes and secluded beaches on a long weekend or family trip. But if you’ve ever done the same in south east Asia, you know there is an extra air of mystery and drama when you find a swimming spot so close to the jungle when it’s warm af and pouring rain. Liam Riley had his priorities right on his most recent trip to Thailand and Laos, where he was accompanied by two mates, eight rolls of film, and one camera.

“Whatever it is that you seek to find in South-east Asia you can find it … being in our early 20s, I think we were more after the cheapest feeds, the largest beers, and the places that people wouldn’t dare to go to. I think it’s fair to say that we sought out what we were there to find.”

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