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Getting a Twitter follow or mention from one of your celebrity idols can be kind of a big deal. Hell, I’m geed when someone semi-famous even ‘likes’ one of my tweets. So understandably, one would be pretty mortified if said idol subtweeted you. This was the unfortunate experience of Alexis Carter from Baltimore who thought she’d pay tribute to Rihanna for her school prom.

Emulating the emerald green batwing bodysuit that Rihanna wore to the Echo awards ceremony a while ago, the 16-year-old was probably feeling pretty good about herself. Until Rih caught wind and tweeted a side-by-side comparison image accompanied by a sad-face emoticon (not even worth a hi-def emoji apparently).

All (internet) hell broke loose after that, with the teenager being dubbed #PromBat and thousands continuing to engage in conversation and, of course, photo manipulation.

It’s not all fun and games, obviously, with the singer being called out for cyber-bullying by many in the media and on Twitter, as well as losing the respect of her fan Alexis, as told to Fox Baltimore.

There hasn’t been any further comment or retraction from Rihanna. Welp, she always said she was nobody’s role model.

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