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Ha! Stupid private school girl, in your facebook!..is where you shouldn’t divulge private matters. According to the Miami Herald, a Miami teen didn’t think that her 80 Facebook likes could cost her $80,000 when she allegedly boast-posted…

“Mama and Papa Snay won the case against Gulliver. Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT.”

This came about after Papa Snay was fired as principal of Gulliver Prep School who then sued the school for alleging age discrimination and retaliation against his daughter Dana who was still a student. He eventually won but then had to suck it when, after Dana’s post reached other children at the school, resulted in a violation of confidentiality meaning Gulliver Prep didn’t cough up any moolah and the Snay’s got no holiday. Suck it Dana.

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