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Watch: Actors reading Kanye West tweets dramatically make them even more ridiculous

Kanye's tweets were definitely made for dramatic readings

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The Oscars might be a celebration of the best talents in cinema, but some of the evening’s best performances happened on the red carpet. Thanks to Vanity Fair, Youtube star Tyler Oakley wrangled in some of Hollywood’s famous faces at the VF After Party to perform dramatic readings of a very popular piece of internet history—the inane tweets of Kanye West. Becoming a master of the timeline recently, Ye has dropped some serious gems on Twitter and if it wasn’t enough to hear his voice in your head every time you reed a fresh #Kanyetweet, imagine actually hearing Patrick Stewart read one out in real life. Well, now you don’t have to imagine, as the Star Trek legend, along with other celebrities including Emily Ratajkowski, Whoopi Goldberg, and Conan O’Brien. They’re almost as hilarious as the original tweets. Watch the compilation above.

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