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In case you were nowhere near the internet this weekend (which isn’t a bad thing tbh) Drake wrapped up his second stint as host and musical guest on hit US sketch show Saturday Night Live. As if the seedy promo spots weren’t enough to set the tone, Drake shaving his beard for the taping had the internet feeling all types of ways, so anticipation for the main event was definitely high. And by all accounts, it looks like Drake delivered.

Once again, Drake showcases his ability to laugh at himself (a lot), by stepping into a number of characters that are basically just piss-takes on him and different aspects of his personality. The cast also explicitly makes fun of the fact that he’s Canadian (mainly because of the way he talks), in two skits that us Aussies can actually watch, as uploaded to Facebook. Check out Drizzy as ‘Jared’ on ‘Black Jeopardy’, and facing Jay Pharoah’s impression of himself in ‘Weekend Update’ below.

Weekly updates