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Watch: Drake came out to perform ‘Work’ on Rihanna’s LA tour leg

Could Drake and Rihanna be the next hottest couple?

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Fans went crazy during Rihanna’s ‘Work’ performance at her LA leg for the Anti World Tour, but it wasn’t entirely for Rihanna. Part way through the song, collaborating artist, Drake, casually walked on stage sending the audience into a screaming frenzy.

There’s no denying the two have chemistry, as they sing to each other, embrace on stage, and RiRi even grinds up on Drake. You can check out the steamy video above which has everyone revisiting the dream that they should be one of pop culture’s hottest (and most powerful) couples. As usual, neither of them are bowing to public pressure to confirm one way or another, however Drake did say in his Beats 1 interview, “we have genuine energy between us… I think [our chemistry is] what makes the records better”.

Witness that chemistry once again in the fan-shot footage above.

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