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Once in a lifetime, an incredible human being is granted public agency, and regardless of personal background or lifestyle, seems to possess the incredible ability to truly speak for us all. DJ Khaled is that man. As if it weren’t enough that he is the voice of our generation, new video evidence has emerged proving he is also a breathtaking skater.

Combining his two exquisite talents in a single video, Khaled is seen wowing (and sort of crashing into) a captivated audience on a skateboard over audio of him making significant headway in the world hunger crisis, with his searing analysis of the McDonalds Loose Change menu, like some sort of beautiful cross between Tony Hawk and Ban Ki-moon.

I am sincerely overcome by emotion watching a 38-year-old man wobble on a skateboard like my tubby eight-year-old self, while in all seriousness saying, “I go back in my pocket, I buy more nuggets and I get another double cheeseburger. You know why? Because it’s a recession out there and I love food and it’s only for a dollar.” Thank you so much Khaled – me too.

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