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Watch: “Portraits”, a coming of age story

Because we've all felt a little insecure at some point

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‘Growing up’ can always be a tricky thing and for many young people, finding and following a chosen path can be one of the most daunting things to address. Two young Sydney filmmakers know this sentiment all too well and have channelled the exploration of this into a moving short film title Portraits. Ben Fitzgerald and Jake Hunter make up (1331), a film collective out of Sydney, and Ben gave us a little insight into their motivation behind the short.

“A lot of the shots were of our good friends looking much more vulnerable than we were used to seeing, which gave us the idea to try and polarise their appearances by having them talk of their insecurities and worries about the universal fear of growing up.

I think it’s easy for people to feel that the hardest times for self discovery are during the teenage years, which is true to an extent… what we felt was a much more interesting topic was the time of transition from 20-25 where you truly find out who you are and what you want to be.”

Finding it therapeutic for themselves, the film is a reminder that we’re all probably struggling with ‘making something of ourselves’, and that’s kind of okay. Get a first look at the clip above.

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