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Remember the first time you laid your eyes on an original iPod? I do, I thought they were the shit, the coolest portable music device around, the bee’s knees.
Basically the only thing you could do with them was listen to music, and not even through speakers, a pair of headphones was essential. But back then, they were still the dopest.

These days if you buy an iPod you’re getting much, much more than your past self could’ve even imagined (internet, camera, Apps, movies, etc.) and they’re still a hundred bucks cheaper than the original was back in 2001—it’s strange to think that was over a decade ago. Some of these kids seem to think it was much longer than that though, “I think that’s when dinosaurs lived.” Ha ha, very funny kid. Despite these innocent insults the video is pretty hilarious, check it out in the gallery above.

Jarman Cutrona

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