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Weekly updates

If you were about to give up on the kindness of humanity, this woman might just change your mind.

23 year old, Yeni Sleidi AKA the Weed Fairy has been blessing the inhabitants of Seattle with free weed this week. The giveaway grass has been stuck to posters around the city reading “These are tough times. Take this free WEED… And keep your spirits high.” Aside from excellently using pun, the Weed Fairy says she likes to give away little buds “to amuse people and to give them a break from everyday stress.”

And this isn’t even the first time Sleidi has bestowed her gifts of green upon us. She first came up with the idea in New York during the 2013 government shut down, where she distributed weed to fellow citizens to lift spirits and distract from the stress.

Despite her short stint in Seattle she has already put up over 50 free weed fliers. Until next time Weed Fairy…

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