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As if the six sleek cards in your wallet or all the cool top-up machines at tram-stops weren’t enough to convince you that Myki was a well-managed and completely effective system keeping Melbourne moving™ one commuter went to top up her card only to find she was $2.7 million in debt to the system. Thought you could get away with this one mate? Think again.

Sarah Coles checked her Myki at North Melbourne station yesterday and found her balance was six-figures in the negative, obviously she assumed that this was an error so printed a receipt and caught the train to work. Later Coles showed the receipt to staff and posted a photo to Twitter, ‘They were behaving as if I did actually owe Myki that money,’ she said.

Cry me a river Sarah, that’s what happens when you take hundreds of thousands of station-to-station trips without touching off or leaving the gates. Do the crime pay the fine, right?


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