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With vending machines selling everything from live crabs to second hand underwear (thank you Japan) it was only a matter of time before everyone’s favourite plant joined the party.

The history-making machine, called ZaZZZ was unveiled by American Green at Montana’s Smokehouse in Avon, Colorado. The ZaZZZ, stocking all kinds of cannabis related fun from the Herbal Elements medical dispensary, is the first user accessibly weed-dispensing machine in the world.

Unfortunately for your average pot-smoking citizen, the green machine can only be accessed by medical marijuana cardholders. It uses scanning and camera technology to determine potential users’ age and medical status before opening its gate of greeny goodness.

American Green’s CEO, Stephen Shearin, offered pot-heads a glimmer of hope however, stating that he imagines a day when his machines might populate the country.

Aside from the major benefit of allowing anti-social stoners to further avoid human interaction, the machine has been accredited with streamlining the weed buying process through cutting out the middle man and potential theft opportunities. Win win.

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