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So it’s 2015 and Kim Kardashian’s bare butt is still breaking the internet. Kind of. With the launch of her new dedicated emoji app, creatively title Kimoji, Mrs K-West has blessed her fans with over 250 little images of Kim-centric emoji, to make your text conversations even more relevant than before. The app was so popular upon its release that it halted the whole App Store for a period of time. As evidenced (or not) by her constant selfie-taking, Kim is a woman of many emotions… or at least has been memed into our minds, so you will still probably get exactly what most of these images mean. Otherwise, I guess dropping a tiny belfie in any conversation is sure to spice things up a little for you.

It’s not all fun and games though. With most things Kardashian/Jenner these days, you can’t get a piece of the action without paying a price and Kimoji will have to set you back $2.99 (for Australian App Store users) and, if the Twittersphere is to be believed, it doesn’t work on all social media platforms (if at all). This hasn’t stopped heaps of Kim’s fans from all over the world paying their hard-earned cash for the opportunity to inject Kim’s crying face into casual conversation.

Check out some of the first reactions to the app above and head here to check out Kimoji for yourself.

Weekly updates