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Spotify and Tidal better watch out, Apple is expected to announce their new music streaming service at the Apple 2015 Worldwide Developers’ Conference next week. It’s reported that Pharrell Williams, Drake, and David Guetta will be three of seven celebrity guest DJs on board for the new iTunes radio. Apparently, Drizzy was heading for Tidal when Apple snatched him from Jay Z by offering him a hefty $19 million just 2 days before Tidal’s announcement. That’s a hell of a lot of guap to spend on just one artist, even considering it’s Drake, and definitely has us speculating on the kind of obligations that each iTunes radio DJ will be fulfilling.

We’ve been so inspired by Apple’s decision to bring musicians on board as content curators that we’re making some suggestions as to who their remaining DJs could (and should) be. Check out our dream team for the remaining spots in the gallery above.

Jarman Cutrona

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