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Weekly updates

It’s that time of year again! We’ve got a shipping container of the new issue chugging it’s way over the ocean as we speak and we’re just a week or so away from launching this baby.

We’re pleased to announce that #27 is the SAVIOUR issue. The feeling of saving something is exhilarating. And it doesn’t have to be just about ‘rescuing’ something either. It’s all about recognising the worth in something and having the desire to keep hold of it and give it a new lease on life. The Saviour issue is all about people who do just that. Whether it’s through archiving art movements, immortalising redundant technology or capturing epic trips on film, we’ve got it covered.

Features include: Mark McNairy,
 Nick Boserio, 
Bram Van Splunteren, 
Dane Lovett, Sophia Hewson,
 Mike O’Meally, Roger Gastman,
 Party Supplies,
 Piff Gang + more.

Once again we feature two different covers for the release. The general release features a shot from our ‘Solid Earth’ fashion story, whilst the boutique cover features an image from our exclusive interview with Mark McNairy shot in NYC.

Preview the issue in the video below. Pre-order the issue here or wait for it to hit stores on August 10th. And if you’re in Melbourne, don’t forget to come through to our launch next Thursday, which is also the premiere of Big Fun in the Big Town. Ticket price also includes a free copy of the mag.