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Another day, another hip-hop documentary. Not that I’m complaining – with all the different opinions laced throughout the industry, every documentary seems to be the next piece of a puzzle that helps me – as an outsider – better understand the culture. The latest all-star documentary comes from Robert Lopuski, who directed Watch The Throne. Action Bronson, Le1f, The Underachievers and Flatbush Zombies star in this new mini-documentary, aptly named We’re Gonna Be Lords. The mini-doco captures the life of the young NY hip-hop scene, with the four diverse artists delving deeper into their own connection with the culture.

The beautifully shot film showcases a mix of interviews with each artist, along with strange, occult-esque conjunction scenes. Lopuski spoke about the decision to include these scenes, “We basically shot a series of vignettes, almost like narrative fragments, with the intention that they could somehow create a level of alchemy between true docu material and these other ‘moments’.”

Watch the film in full above.