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The idiom ‘a picture can tell 1000 words’ has been used to death, but seeing Azealia popping up on an issue of Playboy alongside a Dick Cheney interview and expository piece about that new-fangled deep web thing is possibly the most unaware, non-verbal declaration of her self-inflicted dwindling relevancy that could ever be conceived.

Banks went on record saying she wasn’t going to show her pussy unless her shoot got the cover and, haha wow, apparently it’s a pussy = actual cat joke. Great job. You really went over and above the standard of double entendres set by rappers with that one, ZiZi.
Azealia dropped the issue preview via Instagram, referencing Catty Noir, a character from children’s doll line Monster High. Catty is a monster with keen fashion sense and a record contract so I think Azealia is actually pretty on point with that association.

Despite how hard Azealia’s public persona makes it to be a fan sometimes, we really liked Broke With Expensive Taste primarily for the strength of her statements. It just seems that appearing on the cover of a stick mag (which your little brother is NOT buying to read the articles) contradicts a lot of her lyrical and twitter-based judgements regarding gendered oppression and objectification of women in hip-hop. We’re not in any way against people making conscious decisions to use their bodies for the sake of art and photographic endeavours, but we’re talking about a Playboy centrefold here. Regardless, the issue drops March 20 if you want to check out the actual spread.

If you’re looking for cooler, less hypocritical Banks news from this week, check out her interactive video clip for ‘Wallace’. Azealia, if you’re reading this and you’re annoyed with me, you now have webcam footage of me somewhere on your label’s servers where I’m wiggling my face like an idiot in time to your music. Truce? Truce.

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