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With Summer ’16 well and truly underway in the northern hemisphere, Drake’s OVO fest is going off right now. We’re talking two back-to-back sold out shows from the 6 God which he has described as “both Summer Sixteen/OVO Fest shows featuring myself and [Future] and friends”.

Mid-way through the show, Drizzy surprised the audience by bringing a little fire to the mix as he said “you know how much I love my city. It’s The 6 — you deserve to be spoiled.” As he casually walked off with the full knowledge shit was about to get real, Rihanna rose up from the stage floor in thigh-high boots and a crazy huge jacket that made for a look which consequentially stole the show. After performing ‘Needed Me’ and ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ from her Anti album, the backing for ‘Work’ came on and eventually Drake came back to complete the duet. Their moves were everything you’d expect based off the video clip but regardless, the crowd lost their minds as Rihanna backed it right up for The Boy.

So basically, Drake and Rihanna know how to give the people what they want. Of course, this was Rihanna’s first time at the OVO Fest, and Drizzy managed to convince her to stay for one more song. Their first live performance of ‘Too Good’ saw them laughing together and Rihanna even had to restart a line. Naturally, they still killed it and there were probably several fan deaths in the audience when they hugged at the end. Check out the fan-perspective video in the gallery above to revel in all their #couplegoals glory.


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