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If you’ve ever explored the depths of the internet you would have noticed how hostile rap blogs are: comment sections of posts are often a battleground for passionate hip-hop fans who are out to prove that their favourite MC is better than the rest. Well you can feel a little safer now, knowing that artists are able to be ranked based on their flow, thanks to Raplyzer, an algorithm that analyses lyrics and determines the artists average rhyme factor.

Developed by data mining student Eric Malmi, the program basically goes through a song word by word then detects and finds the longest matching vowel sequence with one of the previous 15 words and computes the average rhyme length (which he has dubbed the ‘Rhyme Factor’) by averaging the lengths of the longest matching vowel.

Equipped with no factual supporting evidence up until now, arguments were previously won by proving the artists relevancy, boasting about their latest releases and mentioning various subjective factors. Although the program isn’t flawless (one limitation is it’s inability to detect accents or purposely skewed words); it gives you a little bit of ground to stand on.

So what does the Raplyzer say about your favourite MC? Check out the list top 10 rappers below or check the full list and a complex explanation over at the Mining 4 Meaning.

1. Inspectah Deck
2. Rakim
3. Redrama
4. Shai Linne
5. Earl Sweatshirt
6. AZ
7. Chief Keef
8. A$AP Rocky
9. Paleface
10. Tech N9ne

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