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It’s Easter time or as it shall now be called – Yeezy Season 2.

A couple of months ago, we ran a very insightful think piece written by Veronica Sullivan about Kanye West’s transformative religious convictions. You can (and should)¬†read it here, but it essentially looked at how Kanye progressed from a humble participant of Christian thought and commitment to perceiving himself as a kind of Ra-like god figure. Well, that perception has effectively been cemented in the contemporary ideal of ‘Men as new Gods’ thanks to this latest contribution to the Kanye fandom – The Book of Yeezus.

The novella essentially rewords the book of Genesis to replace any reference to God in any frank terms to ‘Kanye’ and ‘Yeezus’ even though that doesn’t really make a lot of sense when you consider the latter moniker is a play on Jesus and he was nowhere to be found at the very start of the Old Testament. Regardless, for the sake of placing it on your coffee table to amuse guests, no one is going to care all that much about analogous accuracies.

The book is up for $20 and includes a 300-word social commentary on the religion and spectacle of media icons in the 21st century because apparently a Yeezy Bible needs a justification of its existence. Grab it here.

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