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Classic Album Sundays is a worldwide monthly listening session held in Sydney, London, New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam and more. This month, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill takes centre stage and fans will be sharing insights about the album, the musical era, and its social relevance. Ahead of the Sydney event this weekend, we asked its special guest host Carolina De La Piedra her greatest memories of the iconic record.

Every now and then, you come across an album and unknowingly it takes you away to this little world, where you truly feel that album was written for you by you. And if you don’t have The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill in their Top 20, we need to talk.

It’s been nearly 20 years since its release, and I still listen to this album like a good friend who will never let me down. Ms Hill had written this album off the back of some serious, deep, painful, happy, life experience shit and I think that’s why I always turn back to it.

I remember listening to ‘Ex-Factor’ – one of my all-time favourite tracks – off the back of a break up and I couldn’t help but think “OMG! This is my song!”. You know that one boy your parents warned you about, the one your friends don’t like and your brother wants to beat up? You break up, get back together, love and fight some more and then break up again, only to do it all over again, 10 times. Yep, that’s the Ex-Factor.

Then you have ‘Zion’. Lyrically honest like no other, where, at the age of 21 she confronts a decision women across the globe have been and continue to be faced with. Yes, I’m talking about pregnancy and abortion – after all, we should be able to talk about abortion like it isn’t a dirty word. I think 95% of woman out there have had a little scare at one point, that’s definitely a wild estimate though.  The fleeting thoughts that run through your head, you start thinking about all the obstacles you’ll have to face. She is open. The circumstances are real. She’s honest and I think every female can appreciate this song on a different level. I did.

I can’t finish this article without giving a massive shout out to ‘Doo Wop’. For me, besides getting me up and dancing, this was Lauryn giving me one-on-one advice. It’s advice I’ve heard before, but it’s different this time – I’m listening. She makes it clear, she’s been through “the same predicament”. So, let’s take a note out of Lauryn’s book and learn from The Miseducation: “Don’t be a hard rock, when you really are a gem”.

Classic Album Sundays – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Sunday April 30, 5-8pm
Bordello Room, World Bar
Kings Cross
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  • Words: Carolina De La Piedra

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