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Drake kicked off his Jungle tour in Houston last Sunday night, marking the end of his second annual OVO-Houston Appreciation Weekend. He used the opening night to run through many hits and hidden gems in his expansive catalog as well as premiering a few songs for the first time live.

What perhaps hyped up the sold out crowd most was when the Toronto rapper changed the lyrics of his song ‘Madonna’, swapping her name out for frequent collaborator Rihanna. While Drake has previously addressed on Instagram that he has no regrets about his questionable (most polite word I can think of) smooch with the pop icon, this move is sure to continue the subliminal disses and bickering between the two.

The Jungle tour will be running in cities throughout North America for the next two weeks before wrapping up in New York on the 5th of June. Those not in North America can watch the concert in full below (or skip to section 27 to hear his new take on ‘Madonna’).

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