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Sometimes you never know what’s missing in your life until you have it. This can be as simple as a grown man trying socklets (they’re so dope guys), or as complex as finding a significant other. Sometimes it can be as revelatory as having all that pertains to a (6) god’s life at your fingertips. My people, I introduce:


Some of you might remember GRAMS, the dark-net google mimicker that searched TOR sites for drugs. In the same vein, LMDTFY is the connect that hooks you up with your Drizzy fix. Anything you search for, whether it’s monsters or Madonna, will reap solely Drake-related content.

Praise be to Tyler Smith, a developer from California who decided to make LMDTFY when a group chat started from Drake’s Winnie the Pooh inspiration for Take Care, and spiralled into obscure Drake-referencing banter during which they realised that virtually everything can be related to Drake if you try hard enough.

The site is laden with easter eggs. It sings “Just hold on we’re going home” whenever you go back to the home-page and fires “Uhh”, “Yeahh”, or “Worst!” at you whenever you click the search bar. When it’s searching the Drake-net it also comes at you with some hit and miss puns like these:

“Last name search, first name search”

“Hold up, hold my phone. They used to never want these search results”

“Fuck a fake search where your real search at”

Why they haven’t used ‘I’m on my search behaviour’ is beyond me, but it makes up for its small losses with the “…” button that is a conduit to some of the best Drake material while, if you’re “Feeling Drizzy” you can just watch enhanced Drake gifs.

This is worth your time so try it now.

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