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I know – I was as surprised as you are. Photos have recently emerged of Drake hanging out with this guy who looks eerily similar to the man himself. I could only come to the pretty obvious conclusion that this mystery man is Drake’s brother.

The two look so similar, that I’m even going to put it out there and say that maybe they’re ~twin~ brothers. But what I find so strange about the situation is that before today, I’d never actually seen them in a photograph together or heard any mention of his name. Soon enough, everyone will have their theories on the situation, but – you heard it here first – I’m pretty sure that both brothers “play” Drake. Kinda like how both the Olsen twins played Michelle on Full House. Or how both the Lohan twins are actually Lindsay Lohan. What does this mean about Drake though? Does Drake even exist or is he just a character in our lives? Are we being Truman Showed by Drake right now? Are we all characters?


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