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Remember when Drake dropped that surprise mixtape in February? Of course you do. Because you probably helped kick it up to its now platinum status. And it hasn’t even been released in ~stores~ yet. Not that anyone actually buys CDs anymore – welcome to the 21st century, BITCH. Since its original drop on February 13, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late has sold around 1,011,041 copies… which also includes streams, because that’s how the aforementioned 21st century works.

Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late Sales Plus Streams tally:

1st week: 535,000
2nd week: 187,225
3rd week: 99,000
4th week: 72,878
5th week: 58,469
6th week: 52,288

The physical version of the acclaimed mixtape is set to be released on April 21 with two additional tracks.

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