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Weekly updates

We’re always excited for an upcoming Operatives gig because the tenured music curators know how to throw a party that BANGS.

This time they’ve cued up a ‘Locals Only’ event that will see our most talented familiars take over the whole of Howler for an Espionage gig. While the acts are stationed locally, they’re internationally acclaimed; the main room will have acts like Kirkis, Lucianblomkamp, and Silent Jay with Jace Excell, while the front bar will have favourites like Jamie Now and Amin Payne.

The event is said to feature a “collection of 80’s indebted funk pop music for current-day dancers, hip-shaking hip-hop, rolling jazz basslines and undeniably soulful vocalists”, and if none of that sounds up your alley then you’ve come to the wrong town. However if it does, then get tickets here¬†and join us on Sunday April 5 to earn a hangover to end all hangovers that won’t matter because you have the next day off.

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