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Weekly updates

In our current SAVIOUR issue I interviewed Dutch filmmaker Bram Van Splunteren, director of the 1986 hip hop documentary cult classic Big Fun in the Big Town that finally saw an international release for the first time this year (the full feature can be read here). We flew Bram down to Melbourne earlier this month as a guest to our sold out screening for his film in conjunction with our issue launch party, and while his presence was enough he also had two presents for us in the form of VHS tapes (you remember them, right?). These VHS tapes included some of the other music interviews that he’s done during his illustrious journalist career that spanned over almost four decades which he gave us permission to share online, most of them haven’t been broadcasted or shown for many years.

Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some of these interviews with you guys and to start things off we have Bram’s interview with Ice Cube while he was in Amsterdam back in 1991, just before he dropped his second solo album Death Certificate. Cube opens up in a rare candid interview that touches on his upbringing, his family and other personal topics. Bram also mentioned that there is plenty of NWA and Ice Cube music videos cut into the documentary which would have been the first time many Dutch hip hop fans would’ve seen any of the videos due to the censored nature of MTV in the Netherlands during that period. The intro is in dutch but the rest of it is in english, hope you guys enjoy the video and stay tuned for more archival footage from Bram’s vault.