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What we know about Grimes’ latest track Go is that it’s good, it’s different and it was originally written for Rihanna. But who cares that BadGalRiRi turned it down really, I’m happy to hear Grimes branch out herself. If you’ve heard it, which no doubt it’s been playing on repeat since, it’s confirmed that it’s a big change of pace from her previous work Visions.

It’s more polished, more accessible than experimental with a trap backdrop. Sounds a bit confusing but I guess that’s what Grimes is all about. Things that don’t make sense unless you’ve witnessed the execution. To give more insight into where it all came from, Claire took to social media to open up to her fans.

From  her Tumblr:

i guess i get pretty obtuse lyrically sorry if its like unclear in the song haha, but i guess i wanted ppl to be able to interpret it as being about love as well in case it had to be radio-friendly

And Tweets above.

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