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Gucci Mane is making (more) moves

A quick recap of what Guwop is cooking up, post house arrest

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May 26 might have been the day Gucci Mane stepped out of prison, but celebrations have recently kicked to another level after the rapper ditched his house arrest ankle monitor. Yep, Guwop is finally walking free and now that everybody is looking, he’s wasting no time in providing plenty to look at.

On a good day, most people would probably have been satisfied with dropping a track like ‘First Day Out the Feds’, followed by the album Everybody Looking along with a music video or two—especially if one had just made it out of a maximum security penitentiary. Factor in the sobriety and weight loss, and you’ve got us beat. But Gucci isn’t about to settle, and he’s making more moves than we know what to do with. So take a flick through our summary below of what he’s got in the works, AKA the most motivation to stop procrastinating we’ve had all year.

The Wop is a free man!! New Album #WOPTOBER❄️ droppin 10/17

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You can check out from his revealing interview with GQ.

01. Threads are on the way

Following a similar fashion to many of his other promos, Keyshia teased the label ‘Delantic’ on her gram many weeks back. Taking its title from Gucci’s middle name, it’s set to be more than just any line of graphic merch tees.

Along with his partner and 300 Management co-founder Todd Moscowitz, the clothing line lands in a middle ground between Vetements and Supreme. “We just trying to make a super-duper dope clothing line,” he said. “Something that you be proud to spend your money on, and when you get it you really got a collectors item.” Word is they’re getting a prime streetwear brand’s creative director on board to finalise the finesse.  

Chile he feelin himself lol??

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02. Gucci might have penned a bestseller

Guess who just landed a book deal with Simon & Schuster?

“It should be coming out top of next year. I did a whole autobiography. I wrote it while I was locked up,” Gucci said in an interview with Hot 97. Yep, the next medium for The Machine is print and it’s set to be “a comeback story.” 


03. Gucci is coming to a cinema near you

After having copped a taste for the silver screen when we saw him stunting in Spring Breakers and Supreme’s short film from July, Gucci is back for more.

For one thing, he’ll be acting in and producing his own film The Spot, which is set to be released at the end of the year. For another, he is set to appear in another Harmony Korine flick called The Trap which has been on the rise since 2014.


ANOTHER ONE? Gucci wasn’t exaggerating on his track ‘No Sleep.’ Either that or there really is a Gucci clone because somehow he’s putting out another fucking album. Damn Guwop.

Having arrived in New York to promote the album a few days ago, the occasion was especially momentous as it marked his first time back on the road travelling… and now we have another album set for October 17. 

#WOPTOBER the album 10/17

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05. Lunch dates count as moves too

Probably the highlight of all the moves La Flare has been making is the constant support of his ride or die, Keyshia Ka’oir. After saying goodbye to his ankle bracelet, he finally re-entered that brunch lifestyle.

“First thing I did was take my girl out to lunch,” he said. “It was the first time I was able to do that, to drive her to get something to eat. It was like our first date. We just went to a little breakfast spot in the neighbourhood, it wasn’t nothing fancy, but the best thing about it was just having the freedom to do it. To go where I want to go and not having nobody know exactly where I was going. That was huge.”

I gotcha back ………

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06. And another video clip because it's fucking Gucci Mane

Just in case the movies, clothing line, book deal and pending album wasn’t enough, Gucci chucked up another video clip. Check it out below and stayed tuned because we doubt this wave is coming to an end anytime soon.