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First Kanye tweeted the final tracklist for SWISH, and now we might be getting more info about another elusive album. After what seems like forever, Rihanna has finally hinted at the completion of her forthcoming album ANTI. We hope. Also taking to Twitter, Riri posted a selfie while wearing some pretty lavish accessories—a theme that we’ve already seen across her album artwork—including a pair of headphones that were apparently blasting the new album. What her expression says, we’re not entirely sure—fear, relief, pride? Maybe it’s just her really good selfie face. Who knows? Of course, with the long lead time we’ve already endured, we’re taking this latest ‘update’ with a grain of salt but we’ll keep our prayer hands together for news of an official release soon.

Now we’re just waiting on Drake to post his own suggestive photo about Views from the 6 online and the trifecta will be complete.

Weekly updates