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So FYF Festival in Los Angeles has wrapped up for another year. For those of you unlucky folk unable to get your hands on a ticket, thank the internet. A clip has just emerged of Isaiah Rashad on Kendrick’s set performing their new track “Free Lunch”. The three minute vid is everything we’d dreamt of; they go in hard.

It didn’t take long before people started to notice that it was essentially a performance solely by Isaiah Rashad. “He was performing for Kendrick lol”, said one of the commenters. Either way, Kendrick doesn’t need to do anything; his presence is enough. I mean, Kendrick can literally do no wrong. Their lean-in at the end surely has to be the highlight. Their chemistry is real. More collabs soon PLS, Kendrick and Isaiah. For now, take a look at vid in the gallery above and pretend you were actually there. It’ll get your heart racing.

Weekly updates