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While Kanye West has been busy building his fashion empire, fans are still waiting on that new album, with word from the man himself making us believe 2015 would mark its arrival. In a new in-depth interview with Vanity Fair, Ye has revealed some disappointing news, saying we might have to wait another year before we see Swish (which is what it’s still called).

“It’s currently called Swish. I’m forgetting even what the last name of it was now.”

True to form, Kanye boasted about the quality of this project, saying it’s “like a sonic landscape, a two-year painting” but he’s not putting a specific timeframe on its completion.

“I’m not sure. I”m not worried about the years. I’m worried about the life and the body of work that I can put out while I’m breathing.”

Most of the conversation then focusses on Yeezy Season 2 and Kanye’s plans for the future of his fashion empire, including the possibility of a flagship store, manufacturing his clothes without the help of adidas, and his obsession with Gap. For more quotables, read the full interview here.

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