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PartyNextDoor’s ‘Come and See Me’ has definitely been making the rounds for a while, with all its soft rap and hollow-sounding R&B beat making for a myriad of quality remixes and covers. Now the world has been given the official video treatment for the hit single, which unfortunately doesn’t include original collaborator Champagne Papi.

Someone who is heavily featured, though, is reality TV/lip gloss/social media queen Kylie Jenner. And you can probably add ‘PND’s rumoured new bae’ to that list too. And while the pair haven’t publicly confirmed or denied their relationship status, this video doesn’t help to dispel the rumours. Although it can easily be another blatant product placement for Jenner’s popular cosmetics line.

Kylie has recently re-released her popular lipkit, which has been sold out multiple times, and it’s shamelessly plugged throughout. Whether you’re a fan or not, you have to admire her entrepreneurship. In the video, the youngest Kardashian applies her makeup, waiting for PND to visit and creeping him on Snapchat. While he ignores her calls, rapping “all you say is come and see me… you don’t ever come to me”. Presumably they were able to work out their organisational skills, as PND comes to see Kylie and they make out in the rain.

The rawness of PND’s voice teamed with the tension of the underlying, slow paced beat makes for some easy listening. Have a watch at the video above, and listen to the original featuring Drake here.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

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