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Asdasfr Bawds’ Nobody/Love is an intricate 2 track EP that was released through Solitaire Records last month. ‘Nobody’ and ‘Love’ are reminiscent of Melbourne’s current diverse electronic/dance scene, with danceable beats, hard hitting synths, and ominous, dark vocals. You can listen to our premiere of the first track here.

Wabz has taken on the challenge of remixing Asdasfr Bawds ‘Love,’ and when listening to this remix, it’s clear that he’s executed it perfectly.

We briefly spoke to both of the producers about the task. Read their responses below!

What do you like about Wabz’ sound?

Alex: Wabz has a really organic sound to his music, it has a kind of rhythmic feel within the music. It’s unpreserved and natural, and a little rough around the edges, that’s what comes across to me. I respect how he’s just able to pour creativity out so quickly and seamlessly. It never lacks in quality though, it’s always beautiful and innovative.

What do you like about Asdasfr Bawd’s sound?

Nick: The original track is amazing, it builds so well. Such a tune that gets me moving, I love percussion and Asdasfr Bawd has done it so well on this track. the keys are sweet towards the end of the track to. And as far as making Asdasfr Bawd unique is his originality in his style, his percussion is different to the typical straight 4×4. Really gets me moving his work, Looking forward to hear more from Alex, considering he is only 19, it is scary how good he is.

How did you develop the composition into a remix?

Nick: Well, I started by trying to keep the key elements of the track which I thought was the driving beat and the spacey wobble vibe I was feeling. Oh, and the hats are fantastic so I tried to keep them similar to the original composition. I wanted to make a remix which would get people going, so I went with a fast tempo, Lots of bass and some fast kicks to get an up tempo kind of vibe.

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