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When 17 year-old rapper Black Kray of Goth Money Records announced on Twitter that he was dropping a colouring book at the end of the year I knew he was for me.

If Yung Lean is the Little Red Riding Hood of internet rap, Black Kray is the Big Bad Wolf. He lurks in the deepest, darkest parts of the woods, alone and misunderstood. He might be hungry for a taste of the goodies in his Swedish counterpart’s basket but he isn’t willing to dress like your grandma to get them. As a result, his consistently cohesive releases have the tendency to completely alienate first-time listeners who simply don’t know what to make of Black Kray aka Gvcci Kray aka Lil Rari aka Lil Shye aka Baby Moet aka Foreighn Jetski aka Ferrari Kray aka Icedoutuzi.

This could be because Black Kray’s online presence tends to make you feel like you should minimise your browser window before something bad happens, but his music is surprisingly uplifting, hinting that beneath his fierce exterior is a kind-hearted Robin Hood type figure who’s just doing his thing.

‘7 Roses’ is a cut from his latest mixtape 700 Dagreez which dropped on Friday and you can stream in full here. The track features synthesised arpeggios that feel like a non-existent Darude remix of this Monkees hit, his trademark indecipherable auto-tuned preachings and a feature from Bladee of Gravity Boys.

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