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Every time I log into my old Myspace account (to laugh at who my top friends were back in ’05), my hopes of a nostalgia-gasm are completely shattered when I realise that the site has changed beyond recognition, rendering me completely inept as a user. Grimes went through the exact same emotional roller-coaster recently, but managed to stumble across an absolute goldmine: an EP of her “pre-Geidi [Primes]” material.

She generously shared the precious musical time-capsule with fans through an Instagram post (now deleted) that read:

“located the orig MySpace in case yall have any interest in what pre Geidi primes sounded like lol warning its vvvvvv sketchy.”

The EP features a Grimes before she discovered Apple’s GarageBand and the radio-ready synths that come with it. Be sure to check out the last song (and definite standout): ‘World Brain’ in which a young Grimes expertly crafts a mosaic out of smothered percussion and droning guitars, which she (of course) covers in a deliciously thick blanket of reverb. Oh, and before I forget, check out her actual Myspace account – if you can figure out how to use it.

The EP is streaming in the YouTube video above. Here’s the tracklist:

‘Ham Mer Maid’: 0:00
‘Gloam’: 3:40
‘The Crazy Doctor’: 5:20
‘World Brain’: 7:39

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