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Weekly updates

Self-proclaimed “King Of New York” Kendrick Lamar has gotten himself in the line of another hip-hop battle offering from Lupe Fiasco.

While Lupe’s tweets may be private, his thoughts sure aren’t, as he continues to express them publicly via musical response. Last week he produced Super Lupe Rap or SLR, soon followed by SLR 2.

Well, two shots weren’t enough, and Lupe has hit back with round three. In this latest instalment, SLR 3 (Round Of Applause), the rapper is so fired up that apparently his response is now “coming out the back of my dreads.”

And it sounds like it’s going to keep coming, Lupe declaring “…this shit don’t mean nothing to me, I can rap all day.”

This all began with last week’s shakedown over the release of Control, a track that angered major players in the hip-hop community and started this all-out battle.

If nothing else, this is all making for an interesting hip-hop climate.

So who is in Control in this Fiasco? (Yeah, I had to).

Take a listen to the track below on SoundCloud.

Hannah Scholte