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If you’re someone that started listening to the recently released What a Time to be Alive, the collaborative album by Drake and Future, but then slammed your finger on the ‘stop’ button in disgust when you heard the smooth sweet sound of Drake’s voice, you’ll love whoever made this special version of the record.

Yes, someone cut Drake’s soundwaves out of the entire album… the result is a 20 minute compilation of auto-tuned Future ‘trap hits’. It’s cool and all, nice work going through all the effort of cutting out Drake’s verses, consider this your cyber Trophy.

But, I personally still think the original sounds much, much better. How am I supposed to understand the lyrics if Drake isn’t on the hooks? No one knows what the hell is coming out of Future’s mouth. Until Future releases his own book enabling us to learn his language, I’m good listening to the original, thanks. Check out in the gallery above.

Jarman Cutrona

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