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People continue to go in on the NSW government’s Stoner Sloth ads

This is probably infinitely better if you're on weed

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In the latest episode of Australian government confirming how out of touch they are with youth issues / culture, an anti-marijuana campaign has gone viral over the weekend for all the wrong reasons and it’s not stopping any time soon. You may have seen the #stonersloth ads popping up on the internet, which are apparently supposed to convince the kids that smoking weed makes you a sloth (or a worse version of yourself)—forgetting that the majority of us think that sloths are glorious. The scenes acted out in the series of three clips are generally pretty bad anyway, which has spawned an onslaught of online memes, parody videos, and even merchandise, effectively taking the piss and any potential positive impact out of the whole campaign. Take a look at some our favourite Twitter and Youtube moments in the gallery above (and follow the conversation here).

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