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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Melbourne singer/songwriter Maribelle has dropped her latest track and it’s another sexy, ‘90s-inspired heater. ‘About You’ is a collaboration with LA producers Penthouse Penthouse, as well as new writing talent Madeleine Jayne. Maribelle delivers her brand of sultry pop vocals in yet another strong single, which will inspire even the most cynical heart to yearn at least a little bit on this lover’s day. It definitely has strong ‘90s R&B vibes which most of us grew up on, but has been given a distinct 2016 edge by the Penthouse boys. The track definitely brings about the kind of positive feelings that come with reminiscing on frosted make-up, co-ordinated crew outfits, and choreographed dance moves—AKA the best times.

Listen to Maribelle’s latest Crush Club Records release below and stay tuned for more heat coming from the team this year.

Weekly updates