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The N.W.A. biopic is garnering a lot of attention at the moment and it’s got people hopeful that we might be in for a spate of actually good music biopics in the future. There are obviously a number of notable crews that deserve their time on the silver screen but, surely, Wu-Tang Clan is right up there at the top of fans’ lists for movie magic.

And they might be in luck. Raekwon threw some hope at the Wu fans, recently saying that he would get behind a Wu-tang Clan biopic, as long as it was done right. Speaking to Hot 97 at a promo event for his Diadora sneaker collab and the 20th anniversary of his album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, the Chef was keen to see a movie built around the story of the Wu.

“It has to be the real story and it’ll be an interesting one… RZA hit the lottery one day. He knew who he had but he didn’t know what he had and let’s just leave it at that.”

No shade. In related news, Raekwon is actually working on a documentary of his own, The Purple Tape Files, focusing on his acclaimed album, as well as the Wu crew. Check out the full interview above.

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