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In case you forgot, earlier this year, Ghostface Killah got into it with Action Bronson over some comments Bronsolini made about GFK’s career. The fall-out from that has seen Ghost publicly diss Action and a subsequent apology from the latter, followed by relative silence on the music front (coincidence? We’ll leave that up to you to decide). And now, there’s a fun way to relive the beef with this fun little web game, which was actually created shortly after all the drama happened but has since been re-discovered.

Courtesy of indie game developers Swamp Penguins, it’s basically an 8-bit style game, where you try to escape from a giant Ghostface face, while dodging actual ghosts. Touch any of the ghosts and you’ll die. Get caught by Ghost and you die. Much like the real-life beef, it seems like Action is destined for constant losses but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot. Check out the promo video above and head here to try your own luck.

Weekly updates