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Remembering Aaliyah on her 37th birthday

Happy birthday baby girl

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Everybody’s ‘baby girl’ Aaliyah would have celebrated her 37th birthday yesterday, January 16, and fans worldwide are remembering the R&B singer with personal tributes and memories across social media. Of course, Missy Elliott led the charge, with a number of tweets honouring her good friend. Timbaland also shared a couple of choice throwbacks via Instagram, while many of her loyal fans—including fellow artists, brands, and multiple generations of R&B lovers—took to various social media to pay tribute. Believe it or not, it’s been 15 years since her death, so expectedly, a quick scroll through your timeline will take you back to the height of ’90s fashion. No peep yet from arguably her most famous superfan Drake, but we’re sure he’ll enter the conversation sooner or later. Check out some of the highlights above and prepare to lose yourself in some serious musical nostalgia (courtesy of some her most popular video clips).

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