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Just like that lucky SOB who won the lottery last week while you’re still scrambling to pay the gas bill, some undeserving fools just get lucky. Exhibit A: photos released a couple of days ago show former general manager of Stones Throw Records, Eothen Alapatt, having his wedding officiated by underground hip-hop legend MF DOOM.

Alapatt (AKA Egon) has since taken to Twitter to confirm the photos are legit but were taken some years ago in 2009.

Nonetheless, Metal Face/ King Geedorah/ Zev Love X sporting his signature mask with a formal suit and button-up is strangely heart-warming. Oh, and he’s also wearing reading glasses on the outside of his mask. Just. Brilliant. Not surprisingly, Twitter has reacted accordingly to the notoriously low-key artist emceeing this fluffy, matrimonial ceremony of lurve.



Weekly updates