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The Rihanna Navy have been waiting patiently (for the most part) on the singer’s new album. Initially titled R8, Ri was telling publications as recently as last month that the album was still in the works and while we don’t have any more news on a release date, we at least have a visual of the new project. The Fader was lucky enough to attend her ‘American Rihanna Story’ party in LA and they’ve beamed back some insider info for the rest of us mere mortals.


True to form, and her new album title, Rihanna has defied our expectations and chosen to name her eighth studio album ANTI. The artwork is a work of real art, with the singer collaborating with contemporary artist  Roy Nachum and poet Chloe Mitchell (who, you might recall, was name-dropped in Kanye’s ‘Blame Game’).

It looks like the party is pretty lit as well, with guest being blind-folded and encouraged to feel up the walls with black ash. Take a look at The Fader’s live tweets from the event here.

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