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The anti-Beyoncé protest was a huge fail

Get in Formation, or don't...

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Queen Bey showed us all why she holds that title, at half time of this year’s Super Bowl, when she performed her latest track ‘Formation’ in front of millions. However, some apparently weren’t feeling it as much as others. A group (or person, we’re not too sure) who call themselves, ‘Proud of the Blues’, expressed their anti-Beyoncé feels when they took to Eventbrite. They set up the event calling for people to stand with them in protest against her performance, which they were calling a “race-baiting stunt”. Scheduled for February 16, out front the NFL New York Headquarters, police prepared for a big one.

Fast forward a bit, the event day came… but the protestors did not…

Maybe the bad weather was enough to keep the anti-Bey crew away and bound to their computers at home, we will never know. But what we do know–Bey still holds her crown high and the BeyHive back her 100 per cent.

Missed the ‘controversy’? Relive the half time show in the gallery above (you can fast-forward to the Beyoncé portion at the seven minute mark).

  • Words: Mikaela Ortolan

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